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An ambitious future

Our community imperative

We have a responsibility to honour Ascham’s past and strengthen its future.

Australia's only Dalton School demands a campus that keeps pace with its pioneering education.

The Masterplan's beginnings: 2016

So began the masterplan, to look at the entire campus and consider bold advancements to our learning and boarding environments.

Architect making plans

Grouping the development by faculty means Dalton teachers and students will collaborate and share best practice in both formal and informal learning settings - while allowing boarders to “go home” in the afternoons to a domestic setting.

Our Ascham values

Our future learning environment is underpinned by our school’s core values.


Respect and


Collaboration and


Courage and


Acceptance and



Boarding House

Upgrading the Boarding Houses is so important. We will continue to invite girls from all over the country to bring their rich diversity to our School community.

The new Boarding House at Ascham is a rambling home ... The original 1930s brick apartment building is converted with the lightest touch, preserving all its internal decoration and beautiful staircase, so the girls have a sense of the past and connection with place.

The design works hard to provide the girls a true feeling of community, belonging and home.

Teacher with students

Ngara Commitment

We consider our Ngara Commitment in every decision we make about our campus.

Honouring the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Ascham stands is front of mind for us.

Dharawal naming of areas, meeting places with Gadigal Country flora, and commissioned artworks are under consideration. The Land Council report will be referred to and respected.

Why a whole-of-campus renewal?

Because we should.
An Ascham girl can be the difference.

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