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Our goals

Seamlessly blending heritage with modernity and sustainability, creating a familiar, comforting, and safe community. This will be a transformative space for future-focused excellence, positioning Ascham as the girl’s boarding school of choice for country families.

Our plans

We are extending the Boarding precinct into 19 Darling Point Road. Works comprise converting six strata units into a Boarding House for a minimum of 30 mixed-age boarders and two staff. Works include:

  • Boarding House for a minimum of 30 boarders and two staff
  • Shared bedrooms for Years 8 – 10
  • Workstations for Year 10
  • Single and double rooms for Year 11
  • First-floor deck and extended and connected gardens for further outdoor integration
  • Study/bedrooms for Year 12 on their own level; a stepping-stone to university-style living